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Professional Headshots

Your Professionalism

Instantly demonstrate that you are serious about your business/career with your professional headshot.

Your Personal Brand

Every time someone interacts with you, or your content, they’re building a mental model of you. This is your reputation, or Personal Brand. Start strong, with a crisp, clear, confident headshot.

Your Story

We are constantly seeing ads, but to see the actual face of whom we’re doing business with instantly changes that impersonal dynamic and gives your face a chance to make a connection.

Meet Your Pros

– You will absolutely love your headshots –

Mark Lupescu

Mark Lupescu

Headshot Prographer

Mark Lupescu is the founder of Studio Faces Photography. He has been focused exclusively on headshot photography since 2016, trained with photography legends. When you work with Mark, you are working with a perfectionist who insists that you absolutely love your headshots.

Elena Blinova

Elena Blinova

Permanent Makeup Artist

Elena Blinova is the founder of Studio Faces Academy . She has been working in the Permanent Makeup industry for over 12 years. In this time Elena has performed thousands of procedures on faces from all over the map.