LOOK and feel AMAZING for your headshots

Let’s talk about the uncomfortable bits that go into making a successful shoot


How to prepare for your Shoot

What to Expect

There will be no rushing your photo shoot. It takes time to get comfortable, find the right lighting and angles, and to capture that magic moment. Mark will guide you through the whole process, which will take –on average– 90 minutes.

To ensure you get your best headshots, please take a look below and familiarize yourself with some basic photoshoot preparation best practices.


Let’s face it, humans have hair on their faces! Some more, some less.

If you want your hair in the photo, no problem. If you don’t, please groom accordingly. Yes, this includes nose and ear hairs, too.

While it is technically possible to remove hair in post production, it does take a significant amount of time to do so.

If you’d like to compare bearded and shaven headshots, prepare your beard at home and bring your shaving kit to the shoot so you can trim it for the comparison. Be sure to discuss this with Mark ahead of time so there are no scheduling conflicts.


Hair & Makeup

Wear your hair as you would in professional situations. If you’re planning on getting it cut or coloured for the shoot, have that done a few days beforehand. This will give you a chance to approve of the new look before your shoot.

For makeup, simply wear a light amount of what you would normally wear. The camera will capture what our eyes cannot, please do not try a new look and don’t wear too much. 

If you’re interested in a professional makeup application for your headshots, Mark works with Elena Blinova, Permanent Makeup Artist and founder of Studio Faces Academy. Be sure to mention your interest in Elena during your booking with Mark.

Skin Care

If you don’t tan well, avoid too much sun in the days leading up to your shoot. People will come to know you through your headshot, so let’s ensure the photo matches who they’re going to meet.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water in those days before the shoot so that your skin does not appear too dry or too flakey. 

Gentlemen, you might even want to consider trying out a moisturizer.


What Clients Say About Mark

I enjoyed working with Mark. He is an artist and expect at his craft, as well he made sure we were 100% satisfied with the results, I would highly recommend Mark!

Michael Abraham, CEO at Bedrock Insurance Brokers

Mark has a very laid back yet professional approach to photography. Personally, I am camera shy however Mark calmed my nerves and made me feel relaxed in front of the camera. He also made several suggestions regarding posture, head alignment as well as facial expression until we found the perfect shot! I have received many compliments on my head shot so far and I'm proud to post it on my work and social media profiles.

Camille Parchment, Broker Relationship Specialist

I was so nervous about getting my head shots done, but Mark made me feel so comfortable that I didn’t even realize when the shots were taken. He amazing at what he does. I would recommend him to everyone.

Baljit Bedi, Mobile Mortgage Advisor

Now that you’re fully prepared for your headshots, call Mark Lupescu.

You really will love your headshots!